Hands & Feet

Treat your hands or just your fingers to some much needed pampering.

Nail Treatment Price Description
Express Mani (15 mins) £17.00 The nail will be filed to the desired shape and polished to a beautiful finish.
Grooming Mani (25 mins) £26.00 The nails will be filed to the desired shape with the cuticles softened and trimmed. Then they will be buffed to a high shine and the skin moisturised leaving the texture of the skin and nails soft and improved. To finish we apply one of our amazing nail treatments to strengthen your nails.
Treatment Mani (45 mins) £35.00 Same as our grooming manicure but includes and luxury sugar scrub to the hands and lower arms with a choice of coloured nail polish to finish. 
Luxury Mani . (60 mins)    £40.00 Our luxury manicure includes all the prep work needed to make your nails feel groomed and tidy, a luxury sugar scrub, hand, and arm massage and an intensive mask to deeply nourish and pamper your skin. To finish we can apply your chosen coloured nail polish.
Shellac Mani (60 mins) £40.00 Offers a long-lasting paint manicure. Enjoy the Grooming Manicure followed by a Shellac long-lasting nail paint.
Gel Mani . . . (75 mins) £48.50 The Grooming Manicure is followed by a Gel Polish to give the longest lasting Mani available